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‘This collaboration is the expression of years of friendship, entrepreneurship, pursued passions, creativity, and a profound desire of two friends to do something together. It is a chapter in the story of two childhood friends, two kindred spirits with diverse yet parallel projects. For many years Camila and I have been wanting to do something together. I have been living abroad for more than 12 years and it was time to come home, to return to the city I left as a little more than a teenager. Blumm Flower Co is my home away from home, a harbour in a city that used to be my home.

Flowers are central to perfumery, this goes without saying. here 1s something about their ephemeral nature that makes us want to capture their scent. Own it, wear it, recreate it, extend it in time beyond its natural lifetime. Flowers create beauty, they scent a room, they connect us to nature. Florists are sculptors of poetic creations. Bringing flowers together in unique combinations that create portable gardens, domestic tokens of nature. Perfumery translates feelings into scents. As perfumers we are scent architects, working with oils that speak the language of the emotion, image or idea we are trying to capture. We build invisible worlds, portals that transport you to imagined places or take you back to lived moments.

In this collaboration between Blumm Flower Co and Francisca Mancini Perfume Studio floristry and perfumery come together to embody two manifestations of the quest of beauty. ‘Two forms of poetic visions recreated.

FM candle.png

Available at Blumm Casa Cavia Store

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