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"Mis manos crecían con música detrás de las flores"


Alejandra Pizarnik



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Our Story


Blumm Flower Co. was born from a passion for the countryside, for flowers and beauty. We believe the essence of beauty is found in the contemplation of nature.

As a Floral Design Company, we enjoy flowers and make exclusive flower arrangements. At dawn, with creativity, commitment and good taste, we personally select the most beautiful flowers and foliage to create unique and personalized arrangements.

The presence of flowers transforms the environment, modifies people, vitalizes the entire atmosphere with poetry, elevating the senses. Just like with a poem or a painting, nature allows our creations to express the grace of flowers and enables beauty to blossom in our hearts. Our style is free and poetic. It comes from our childhood in the Argentine countryside, from history of art and landscaping studies, as well as a passion for fashion and beauty.

We love being a part of the unique story behind each order.


Camila Gassiebayle has a degree in Curatorship and Management of Visual Arts, a training that has served as a source of inspiration in all her projects. From an early age, she worked in the fashion industry as a stylist and consultant for important national brands.

Today she is the director of Blumm Flower Co., which was born from her passion for the countryside, for flowers and beauty. Camila's creative spirit is faithfully expressed in her designs. Flowers enable her to dialogue with the fine arts, fashion and landscaping.

Her style is free and elegant; Camila dares to experiment with unexpected shapes and combinations in each flower arrangement she creates.




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Casa Cavia

Cavia 2985

Palermo Chico, Argentina.

+54 11 4809 8629

Blumm Studio

San Martín 492

Buenos Aires, Argentina.

+54 9 11 3362 7472

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