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Taking care of my Blumm flowers

Remove the wrapping, find a nice vase and wash it very well, fill it with fresh water, measure the flowers with the vase and trim the excess. Then place it in a ventilated area away from direct sunlight ... and now #letsblumm!


Flower tips

The best tip to make flowers last is to keep the water fresh and crystal clear, the ideal is to change it every day.

Cut the flower tips every 2 days. It is best to cut 2 cm diagonally at an angle of 40 ° to 50 °.


Clean the vase well with soap every time you change the water, so that the flowers last longer as they were freshly cut.


To keep your bouquet fresh for as long as possible, regularly remove flowers as they get ruined. This will prevent the spread of bacteria to the flowers that are still alive!

Last but not least, enjoy your flowers and know that you must be pretty special for someone to care enough to send you Blumm flowers!


*What to do with that leftover burlap?


Let's recycle !


Many creative customers send us photos of how they turned it into decorations, pillows, bags, you name it !

How to take care of my Phalaenopsis Orchid?

Phalaenopsis are indoor orchids. Heavenly beautiful, it is easy to grow and is considered a good choice for beginners.

1.  The best way to take care of your orchid is to observe it. If you see that they become sad, for example, leaves in bad condition, yellow or wrinkled flowers, there are two options:  the orchid does not like where it is placed (we advise you to move it to another place until the perfect spot is found) or you have a problem with the watering regime.


2. The easiest way to kill an orchid is to water it a little every day. On the contrary, you have to water it by soaking the entire substrate. Ideally, water them once a week in summer and every ten days in winter (in any case, it depends if your space is dry or humid). Watering too much is the most common way to kill your orchid. The best that can be done is set your own irrigation regime. Check it yourself by inserting a finger into the substrate.If you feel it dry it is time to water. If it is wet, DO NOT water it. The best thing to do is let the substrate dry between each watering (don't overdo either).

Water your phalaenopsis from above with a fine spout watering can. Check that the plant drain well after each watering session. The substrate must never be saturated with water, this would lead to root rot.

3. Light is one of the key elements for the good growth of your plant.

Orchids enjoy bright light but not direct sunlight. Do not place them near a heater or a sunny window.

*The ideal temperature for an orchid is between 18 to 26 degrees.

They need minimum temperatures not under 10 degrees and a maximum of 30.

4.  Phalaenopsis are quite fertilizer-greedy  compared to other orchid species.Fertilize regularly with small doses. You can buy the fertilizer in our Boutique.

5. Prune the stick with sharp scissors when the flowers are done, cut the stem approximately 3 cm from the base.

6. Once without flowers, take care of your plant in the same way and a new stem will sprout the following season.

New stems with buds appear on the trunk of the plant, between the leaves. They are generally formed in autumn and during winter. It is important that the plant gets sufficient light to bloom.

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